Untitled, 1912-1915 circa
Charcoal and watercolour cm 33 x 37
Gino Sandri studies at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera in Milan, where he has tutors such as G. Mentessi, C. Tallone, V. Bignami, F. Confalonieri.
There is visible evidence in his works of his artistic studies and thoughts of those years as well as the influence of G. Belloni. As we can see from books and writings on E. Longoni and the well-known masters of the Brera School, Sandri, belongs to the Lombard "Scapigliatura", of the first years of the 1900s.

Sandri distinguisches himself as a daughisman and illustrator. However he is the author of landscapes which show great sensitiveness. These are traditional and are in tune with the Lombard naturalism of the late 1800s. As a daughtman and illustrator he exploited his cultural and literary curiosity as well as taking advantage of his visits to the Hoepli bookshop. He he came into close contact with G. Scheiwiller and C.Branduani. He also learnt about graphics from some of the most renowned artists.

Sandri's precocious talent, which was recognised by critics and public alike, his work as an illustrator for Hoepli and other important magazines were cut off by the dramatic appearance of mental illness. Sandri continues to write and draw, in a way to exorcise his illness as Vincent Van Gogh did, but also to help himself to live and also to help other unhappy companions in the same situation.

Even in these places of treatment he has a clear idea of himself and produces many excellent drawings . They are unique and without comparison.

Rossana Bossaglia, critic and art historian writes in the catalogue of the exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome in 2002:

«His artistic talent defends him from the despairing brutishness of the segregation forced on him . Sandri had excellent teachers such as Tallone and Mentessi who were able to transmit to him a refined profession . We must remember his experiences in the studios of Longoni, Wildt, and Carpi. Sandri writes about his works with a wealth of intentions and clarity that make the depth of his message even richer and more moving».