Illustrator for "Poesie edite e inedite",
by C.Porta Publisher U.Hoepli, 1929
He becomes an illustrator for magazines ad periodicals of the "Corriere della Sera" group: first with "La lettura" then in 1915 and 1916 on "Il Corriere dei Piccoli" and "Italia Bella".



Together with A. Beltrame, R. Salvadori and others he illustrated "Qua e là per il mondo" by Luigi Barzini , published in 1929 by U. Hoepli, Milan.
He does some drawings for "Pluto", a Greek play by Aristotles (never published).
He illustrates "Viaggi Sentimentale" by L.Sterne, published in 1926 by Hoepli Milan, and "Fanciulli d'Italia" by A. V. Gentile
He does some drawings for "Il Novellino" and "Il Guerin Meschino".

He illustrates an important edition of "Poesie Edite e Inedite" by Carlo Porta, published in 1929 by Hoepli.

He is committed several times to psychiatric hospitals from 1924 and his career is abruptly interrupted.

He prepares a rough draft of "Lazzarillo de Torme" (a Spanish literature masterpiece) which is never published.
He proposes to the Hoepli Publishing House drawings and drafts for an edition of "I promessi sposi", by A. Manzoni, on which he had been working for years.
He illustrates some children's books for the Ceschina publishing house: "Stretta la foglia larga la via...", by G. Latronico and "Ravaldino", by A. Romagnoli.
He proposes the manuscript "What is madness" to the Hoepli Publishing House, to be illustrated with somatics taken during the periods of hospitalization. All unpublished works.
He offers to the publishers Hoepli "Cosa è la Follia", a manuscript with «somatic» illustrations done during his internment. This too is never published.
He prepares drafts for "I Fioretti" by S.Francesco (a famous thirteenth-century text).
He prepares for Piero Trevisani drafts for "Enzeli", a popular book for children, lost and remained unpublished.